Wednesday, April 06, 2005

“But you won’t get to see the tears I cry, behind these hazel eyes”

Cheap Reviews:

Warning!! Do NOT to watch or listen to either of these if you just broke up with someone.

Just wanted to share a great movie I just rented and a great CD I just bought.

The Notebook, I highly recommend renting if it you haven’t already seen it. I am a huge Nicholas Sparks fan, so I had of course read the book many times. I usually hate the movie version if I have already read the book, but this time they did a good job. Has anyone seen it?

Breakaway, by Kelly Clarkson. Great break-up cd. #2 (Since You’ve Been Gone) 3 (Behind Those Hazel Eyes) & 4 (Because of You) are my favorites right now.

What do you think?