Thursday, May 19, 2005

Weird Duck

Just had a weird encounter in the office bathroom. Which is a scary enough comment in and of itself. So I am washing my hands next to this girl, which I don’t know very well at all. Usually I would just wash my hands and leave, but I felt drawn to talk to her today. Probably because yesterday when we were having cake in the kitchen she stood all alone, while everyone else “cliqued” up. I felt bad for her, so I made it my mission to talk to her just now. So I said, “Oh I really like that bracelet”. And I really did like it. It was little black beads strung on what was probably elastic, but there were several rows all together. It was big and kinda gaudy and looked like something I would like. So her reply was, “oh, it’s just some costume jewelry I’ve had a long time”. What? Of course it is costume, they are black plastic beads! And no, thanks, thanks a lot, thank you, nope nothing she just walk out????? I feel like I meet another weird-o every day!

Oh and earlier today everyone in the office got a mass email from the receptionist that said “if anyone is missing a Yoplait fat free key lime yogurt, Employee (insert name here) ate it. Please see her for reimbursement.” Are you kidding me? I work in a nut house!