Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Modern Hee-Haw

So I’m dying to know what everyone thought about Real World Austin. I LOVED it! I don’t feel a connection with the cast yet, but I LOVE seeing all the fun landmarks, and knowing where they are at all times. I think MTV did a great job at the beginning showing all the cool place. Meeting at Mt. Bonnell, The Capitol, Old Caddie Cab, riding the Dillo etc. Kudos MTV!

It used to make me mad how everyone, especially on TV, always portrays Texan’s as hillbillies who wear spurs and chaps, and ride horses to work. But, I’ve decided that I love Texas and don’t want to live anywhere else. So I’m embracing the ridiculous stereotype. The cowboy hats and boots are endearing, heart!

I have a question; do they ship their “stuff” clothes etc. prior to getting there? If not, how in the world do they pack enough for 4 months in 1 rolling suitcase, especially in Austin, where the temperature ranges from 30-99 January-April?

Please leave your comments about what you thought.