Friday, January 20, 2006

Things are lookin up!

Just read this in the "Hizziewood Hizzle" report. I have no ill will toward Penelope, but if they break up maybe that means he'll be back in Austin and there will be more for me!!!

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More fuel for the Hollywood rumour fire... Couple Penelope Cruz and Matthew McConaughey opted to walk separately down the red carpet at the Golden Globes... Both stars were presenting awards, but when they weren't clocked with each other at all during the event, the whispers, of course, started. Neither has yet made any comment, so whether it was just a case of them not being in the mood for chatting, we can't tell you. The pair got together after working on the movie Sahara. Matthew, 35, recently said: "There was no romance during the making of the movie. We didn't even think about it." "But let's look at the woman we're talking about: pretty easy to find something to be attracted to. "She's easy on the eyes. After we finished work, we kept wanting to hang out, and it just evolved from there." Penelope Cruz isn't the first co-star Matthew McConaughey has romanced. He also dated fellow Texas resident Sandra Bullock after working with her on 1996's A Time To Kill. And Pen, as we know, was the one-time companion of Tom Cruise. We'll keep our eye on this one, but hope a split is not on the cards.