Friday, February 24, 2006

Nanny Cam

My sister suspects that her babysitter is sleeping on the job, and when she isn’t sleeping she is just watching soap operas. She didn’t want to accuse her of anything, so she set up a nanny cam hoping to catch her in the “act”. They didn’t actually buy a real nanny cam, but they just hid their video camera. They rigged it up on top of her armoire, pointing at the couch, made sure the blinking red light was covered etc. Well over night my brother-in-law grew a conscious and decided they couldn’t do it. This morning my sister got up the nerve to point blank ask her if she naps and she said “of course not” but just to make sure that she didn’t watch all the soaps today Angie did take the remote control with her to work! Ha-ha, I think that is hilarious!!! She left the tv on the Disney channel and left the remote that runs the volume and power on and off , but took the tivo remote that changes the channels with her. LOVE IT.

Here is a real nanny cam, pretty darn real looking! It cost $329.

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So how do you feel about a nanny cam, invasion of privacy, or free for all?