Friday, March 19, 2010

You know it’s SXSW when...

In honor of my blog friend turned real life friend NIKKI, who is already soaking up the greatness that is Austin during SXSW!
**Originally posted 3/2007**
I go listen to a band play on a Wednesday night

You see rainbow Mohawks at noon

BD Riley’s isn’t offering their lunch menu

It’s Thursday at noon and you look around and everyone else in the restaurant is drinking an alcoholic beverage except you.

6th Street is closed down

An 18 wheeler passes you downtown and the truck is full of Port O' Potties

I can hear music perfectly all the way on the 14th floor of my office.

All the lampposts are covered in saran wrap {several people have asked why? and it is so bands can't tape random flyers/concert info to them}

You come home from a show with WAY too many: koozies, cigarette lighters, bottle openers, bracelets, pins, and cd’s

Everyone downtown has on a green wristband

Auditorium Shores is having FREE concerts

It takes 15 mins to get to Hwy 35 from downtown b/c the outer two lanes are full of parked beer trucks

Tattoo parlors have waiting lists

You pass a table full of “Greaser’s” and it’s NOT 1953

T~ and I went and saw Golden Boy on Wednesday night at the SoHo Lounge. It was really fun.