Thursday, October 02, 2008

Celeb Sighting

I had a little celeb encounter last night that I thought was fun and wanted to share. I went to what I thought was a small get together for a friend in the mortgage business and it turned into a lovely dinner to celebrate her birthday. I think the birthday girl is great and of course wanted to tell her happy birthday...but mainly I went as a networking opportunity to meet new people in the mortgage/real estate business {side note: being in the insurance business these kind of people are great for sending referrals} but the night turned into much more than that.

I did meet a lot of industry people and passed out business cards, but the most fun person I met was the hostess of the party the birthday girls sister. Guess who she is? Max Lucado's wife, Denalyn. I was a bit star struck when I found this out, as I'm a huge Max fan and have read many of his books. When I lived in Austin I was in a bible-study with a group of 6 girls and in 5 years all we did were Lucado books. She was so gracious, and funny and down to earth. She is planning her daughters wedding (Jenna, who is on the Revolve Tour right now) and she was talking about the bargain shopping they did for her dress, because they are planning on having @ 900 at her wedding, can you imagine? But the sweet part was that she wasn't apologetic about the over the top wedding, and continued to say how blessed they were by the book sales. Lesli had met their daughter Jenna at a grand opening she worked and I told her mom that story and she knew exactly what I was talking about. I told her how sweet her daughter was to Lesli and she just lit up when I told her that. It was a great night and now I can say that I have met another wonderful woman.