Monday, November 03, 2008

Well Rested?

So, is everyone feeling well rested because of that extra hour of sleep on Sat night? Mom and I have been joking for a few days, about whether or not people will be talking about how great that extra hour was....cause it seems when it's the other direction, people talk about it for weeks. "Well, I just can't get used to this new time". It's like they think they loose an hour EVERY day, instead of just one little ole hour! But when we fall back, people don't seem to be proportionally rested. I think it's FUNNY! So please weigh in...aside from the sun coming up earlier, do you really feel that extra hour?

I'm very excited to perform my civil duty and vote tomorrow. I think early voting is great, but I always like to vote on actual voting day. I like the excitement, and I feel like it counts more or something? Strange I know. OK, my true E Hollywood confession is that I want the I VOTED sticker!

November 4th UPDATE: voted this there at 7:05, line was out the door, but since everyone was afraid of the electronic voting machines the line went fast and I was back in my car by 7:25. Seriously people, do you think the electronic machines don't count? Oh well, it's done and I feel good about it! BAD NEWS: NO STICKERS at my polling place. It really did hurt my feelings.