Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Cards!

I want to take this moment to thank all my sweet friends and family for sending Christmas cards. I LOVE them, I get excited to go to the mailbox each evening. I love looking at them and the way they decorate my home. I especially love the pictures!! Thank you for taking the time to take the pictures, have the cards made, stuff & address them and then fight the post office to mail them. I really do treasure them!

I was talking to my friend Greg today, (his card hasn't arrived yet by the way...but they are getting mailed TONIGHT, yippee!) and we were talking about the holiday cards, and I told him how many great ones I've gotten this year. His reply....Allie, that's a sign of age and that you are really loved. Total double edge sword! True, very true!
If you come by the cottage in March and they are still hanging there, please don't give me too much grief!

Merry Christmas!