Sunday, December 07, 2008


I think the actors in these commercials should be nominated for Oscars because I believe every word! I actually have lots of their products.

ShamWOW is un-believable!

I'm dying to try gross, right? Do you have a favorite info-mercial product?

Monday morning addendum: after Lesli’s comments I felt it a MUST to add to this post. I do think the OxyClean guy is a fabulous salesman, but do NOT understand why he must SCREAM at me. No matter how low the volume is, when that commercial comes on you can hear it clear across the house. Why is that? Does he really think it will make me buy his product? Weird.

And incase you’ve been under a rock and not see the commercial for the Snuggie The blanket With Sleeves. Available in THREE different colors!