Tuesday, January 20, 2009

History Making!

So, here we are on Inauguration day....seems like the country has been talking about this day for the last four years. I must admit that I've had a bad attitude about our newest President, I've gotten the mean emails and even laughed at a few, and although he didn't get my vote, he will have my respect & prayers as our commander in chief.

I wanted to stay home today and just soak all this history in. Watch the interviews and hear the stories of past presidents, where they went to church hours before taking the Oath of Office with their hand on the Bible.

I also love all the excitement about Michelle's suit for this morning, and her dresses for the balls tonight. I know it sounds trivial on such a momentous day...but it's almost like watching the Superbowl for the commercials, lots of women watch tv on this day JUST to see the clothes!

Landry was at my house last night and I taught her that David Foster song; My America....Your America, OUR America is beautiful. I really wish you could have seen the emphasis in her face, she was really getting into it and doing hand motions, totally priceless! {Can anyone tell me how to get that on youtube?} I actually got a tear, thinking about all the possibilities she will have in her lifetime. I think it's going to be an exciting time and I'm ready to see this CHANGE we've been promised for the last year.

I love this picture of them. I think you can really tell that they are in love. I feel like they are bringing in a whole new generation into the White House.

I must admit, I will def miss seeing my friends George & Laura....but I'm CONVINCED I'm going to run into them at MiCocina and North Park Mall! Welcome back to TX.