Monday, January 12, 2009

Saturday night at the Hibachi!

Saturday night we hit the town (Rockwall) for a Japanese Hibachi dinner, drinks and just plain fun!

Waiting for our table, Colton took a seat at the bar!Avery & Colton didn't get edamame, sushi and hibachi shrimp...
they got baby food & Gerber Puffs instead, but LOVED the entertainment!
Our Chef working his magic

Sarah & Michael
Dusty & Katie
Heather & JD (JD tried sushi for the first time.
It's not his favorite, but he was a dang sport about it!)

Scallops, steamed rice with wasabi soy, veggies & noodles. I had a very big dinner, brought leftovers and had them for lunch and still have some left.
Delicious meal, and even more fun with my friends!