Monday, February 16, 2009

$20 dollars on Black

Vacation, take me away...............................
I leave the end of this week, headed for Vegas...and COULDN'T be more excited. I am meeting two of my "best~ies" there. This is not my first trip to Vegas, but it will definitely be the best! My inaugural visit was a bit of a flop. I think we stayed in the worst hotel motel on the strip. It's been torn down since. This time will quite different, because I'll be with lifetime friends, eating swank food, and staying in a posh hotel. And I can't wait to tell yall about ALL the fun we had.
We are going to do anything we want to, and nothing we don't. It's going to be a girls trip on steroids whose your daddy energy shots!

I think I'm most excited about our reservations with my future husband Bobby!