Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Random Vegas Stuff........

Just wanted to share some of the random~ness that is VEGAS. Enjoy!

I took this for mom, you can't get the magnitude of how HUGE this sign was

Stone bath-tub inside Tao, at the Venetian. I hear late at night there are girls that "bathe" in there, I can't confirm or deny.

Ryan thinks smart cars are hilarious!

Pirate Ship at Treasure Island
Mario Batali's new restaurant inside the Palazzo

Ryan won $60 bucks at Planet HollywoodHe was TOTALLY trying to rip us off and sell us wrist bands to a wrap concert. "James" don't you know we were on the VIP list? We don't pay to get in club. Haha.
Everyone said we HAD to go downtown Vegas. I'm glad we did, just to say I've been....but it was NOT what I had pictured in my head. And that "light show" was a total bust. I was expecting fireworks, but It's just a NASCAR music video!

I can't for the life of my fathom that this gondola is on the 2nd floor of a hotel. It just can't be possible.
Ryan checking out the view from our room