Monday, April 27, 2009

Girls Weekend Sat. Night

Our 4 Fat Chicks girls weekend was all I expected it to be. Except it went by WAY too fast. We did everything I wanted to: shopped, ate, laughed and laughed some more. Thank you girls, I love your guts & can't WAIT to hang out again soon.
Saturday evening after a day of shopping we came back to my house and had a leisurely cocktail hour, with fabulous snacks & delicious cocktails.
Lesli showing Dee how to comment. She reads every cingular blog on the world wide web, but never leaves a comment. Now she knows how, so NO MORE EXCUSES!
It was such a nice, calm chat.

Even the girl dogs enjoyed the company

THEN the boys arrived and all kinds of mayhem ensued.

Honestly the boys made us laugh so hard, our abs were sore the next day! Thank you KFoo & Master_A for all the laughs!