Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Fun with Holly

My friend Holly is one of those kindred spirit kind of friends. She's a self proclaimed gypsy! She is a free spirit, laid back, very giving and the most talented person I know! Holly and I share a lot of the same passions and have lots in common; including dating the same guy! We were destined to be friends. We had no less than 5 different people telling us that we just HAD to meet each other, because everyone could tell that our personalities would automatically click. Sarah planned our initial hook-up (girls night at Gloria's) and from the moment we said, So glad to finally meet you, we've been the greatest of friends!

She is a fabulous hair dresser and owns her own business making wonderful jewelry & accessories. Check out her website here. Last week we were hanging out and I got a creative streak in me (doesn't happen very often) and so we busted out the beads and went to town making jewelry!

Holly showing off the Yellow Rose of TX necklace she just made.
This is all ONE bracelet. OH MY GOSH, I love it!

The necklace I made. I was inspired by Ryan's Moroccan theme!

It's amazing after several pieces of greasy pepperoni pizza & some chardonnay what you can accomplish in a nights work!!