Thursday, June 18, 2009


First of all the name is offensive to me, “More to Love”. Let it sink in a minute…Secondly, when you click on the Fox website, a HUGE greasy Big Mac advertisement is the first thing you see. Don’t try to convince me that was a coincidence. Some 95lbs pimply intern DEF had something to do with that one.

As far as the premise I think it’s GREAT. I believe ALL people deserve love & to be in a relationship. And if Fox can produce a “Bachelor” type show and include “curvy” women then go for it, and I’ll be the first to set my DVR. But what I fear is this, that 1 ½ of the 2 hour show will ALL be about weight. The creepy “larger than life” man will sit around and talk about how he like a bigger girl and then he’ll do that disgusting grin. Then they’ll pan to the girls who will be sitting around eating junk food in their tank-ini’s with big ole sarong cover-ups talking about their struggles with weight (insert tears here) And then there will be a few girls (probably the biggest of the group) that will LOVE their roles and talk about how sexy they are and then show off the extra-large lingerie they brought along just in case.
You see where I’m going? It’s not going to be a dating show; I feel it’s going to be a spectacle.

I’ll make my point simple…the bachelor doesn’t sit around and say; man I like my girls thin as a rail. The bonier the better, size 4 or under please! And if they did we’d be outraged. So, I don’t think it’s ok, fair, right, etc. for this show to be able to sit around and use words like curvy and voluptuous and then try to convince the world that they are doing the big girls some BIG favor.

I predict this will be an overweight disaster! PLEASE share your thoughts!