Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A Grand New Day--WOF '09

I was fortunate enough to experience the Women of Faith Grand New Day '09. WOF weekend is always a blast! I always leave feeling FULL! It's hard to explain unless you've experienced it. It's not a "preachy" weekend at's just a feel good, empowering weekend. I'll post pictures, but just warning you, they aren't that great, cause #1 most are from my phone and #2 it was dark!

Crowd from WAY up I think I heard them say that 15,000 women were there!
Crowd getting into praise & worship

A view of the crowd

Luci, don't tell but she's my favorite. Honestly, you'd never know she is 76 yrs old....she's SO funny, yet serious and wise! Her laugh is contagious!

Mandisa, I didn't know much about her before...but WOW, what an amazing talent. She also has a VERY empowering testimony.
Marilyn Meberg, very wise & always has a funny story to tell

Stephen Curtis Chapman I hadn't seen him in concert since the early '90's "Great Adventure" days....and was pleasantly surprised by the difference in his new music.
There wasn't a dry eye in the entire arena while he spoke of the accidental death of his 5 year old daughter. And just when the tears had quit flowing, he started talking about adoption and showed a video. Here come the water-works again!

Lisa Whelchel, better known as Blair Warner from The Fact Of Life. I really enjoyed her as well. She is a busy mom trying to fit it all in and her story was inspiring to everyone!
If you have the opportunity to go to a Woman of Faith event....promise me you'll do it. Your soul will thank you!