Friday, August 14, 2009

I bought a new car!

I bought a new car last night. ALL BY MYSELF. It was stressful to say the least….but it’s one more thing I can mark off my BIG GIRL list of things to do as a single. Did I mention I did it ALL BY MYSELF?

In the past two years I’ve experienced more life changes than any other of my almost 30 years. Long term relationship ended, moved twice, quit a good job, started another job (twice), friendships dissolved, met new friends that have proven to be some of the best, got a dog, bought a house, and now negotiated a new car ALL BY MY SELF.

I’m sure most people that listened to me go on about my nervous tummy over car shopping, probably rolled their eyes and thought, grow up and just buy the dang car. But see, I’ve had 4 cars since I turned 16 and every one of them have been handed to me. I paid for them, but my Mom and/or my Nana & Papa did all the negotiating, paperwork, trade-in etc. So two weeks before my 30th birthday, I decided to do it ALL BY MYSELF (do you see a pattern here?)

Here is the new car! I won’t bore you with all the FABULOUS features…but it really is a very nice car. I’m thrilled with my decision. Stay tuned for twitters about my fabulous gas mileage.

I wasn’t prepared to be “emotional” about getting rid of my old car. Don’t worry I didn’t cry on the car lot, but I did take a moment to say good-bye to the ole girl. She’s seen a lot in our years together!