Monday, August 24, 2009

Thank you Lynn!

I posted a blog a few weeks ago, about a group of refugee's that my church is helping. A sweet blog friend Lynn wanted to help! She mailed me a VERY generous gift card to Walmart to buy them some necessities. I talked with the lady that heads up the refugee ministry and asked what they need, she said SCHOOL SUPPLIES! So I took advantage of the tax free weekend and headed to Walmart.

My shopping basket

All the loot in the trunk
Check out ALL this stuff!
Binders, pencil boxes, pens, pencils, colored map pencils
construction paper
glue, check out that huge stack of folders
I used the leftover money to buy SOCKS!

Lots & lots of low cut & no show thick white socks, which will be so helpful...52 pairs of socks!!!

Thanks again Lynn. The generous donation you & Drew donated will make a HUGE difference in lots & lots of kids lives. To quote will make their cups runneth!