Friday, October 23, 2009


Yall, remember that new bed I bought a few weeks ago? Well I had some girlfriends over last week and I was showing it off to them and barely laid my hand on the round part of the foot board and BAM................
It came off in my hand! I don't own a baseball bat or crow bar, nor do I have rowdy kids or an abusive this HAD to have been broken when the yay-hoo's put it together.

You can't really see it, but there is some goop~ey sticky stuff down in there trying to glue it together. Huuuummmmmm, seems suspect! I called them and they only make service calls "in my area" on Wednesday, so we'll see what they say. I'm HOPING they step-up and make it right, cause up until now this has been a SUPER smooth process! I'm hoping they throw in a night-stand for free for all my troubles, haha. I'll keep you posted.