Thursday, November 05, 2009

OCC Shoebox Party!

The Shoebox party was very fun and a BIG success. I had in my head a goal of 40 boxes. Not sure where I got that number, but it's just what popped in my head. I had 10 people committed to doing boxes, so the 40 boxes was going to be hard....and last minute a few people didn't come, which made the goal seem REAL lofty. But I'm please to say that I turned in 36 boxes!

People had donated little toys & trinkets during the year, so I set up a table with toys & candy for everyone to use.

Some of the goodies!

Here are some of the precious faces of kids that have received boxes in years past.

Organized Angie set out all her stuff into piles to make the box stuffing easier.

Landry was SUCH a big help. Mammie kept giving her stuff, but Landry was willing to give all the stuff to the little kids that don't have "anyfing"

The girls in action: Holly, Dee, Sarah, Sharron, Angie & Landry.

Angie & Landry's boxes

Some more finished products

The completed stack, all 36 of them. Thanks again for all that participated!

The Power of a Simple Gift