Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Thanksgiving Food

So, since I've got a house big enough for more than 2 people (all my other places have been tiny) I've been asked to host Thanksgiving. I'm contemplating the menu and what dishes 'm going to assign to each family member.

My family always has turkey and my nana always makes the same traditional cornbread dressing (it's SO good). But we add new sides & we switch up the turkey too. Several years in a row we deep fried the turkey, one year when Angie was about to give birth at any moment, we did a smaller meal and just had a turkey breast, but usually we just cook the turkey traditional way in the oven. Last year BRINED turkeys were all the rage and I was disappointed that we didn't do it too. But this year I'm buying into the hype and gonna do it!

So, my question is do you have a traditional meal with the same dishes year after year, or do you branch out and try new things?