Monday, December 21, 2009

All I want for Christmas....

Last night I was talking to Ryan and she posed a question to me, What is the one thing you REALLY want for know, fantasy if money was no object? The first thing I blurted out was a Louis Vuitton Speedy bag. I really have wanted one since I was a kid, I think they are timeless & classy and have just always dreamed of owning one.

Then I changed my answer and said, no I want to turn my office into a home gym (I secretly wish I was addicted to working out) so I need a treadmill…but then I would need a flat screen tv for the wall and cable run to that room and a dvr of course!

And then I settled on having a cleaning person come to my house twice a month. That would be SUCH a nice treat for me. I keep my house pretty picked up most of the time (minus my closet) but gosh I HATE to really deep clean it. Dust, clean bathroom, vacuum (it’s the equivalent to mowing INSIDE) hate them all! It’s not as extravagant as a designer bag, or as expensive as a home gym, new tv, & cable….but it would truly make me so happy. Too bad it’s a fantasy, but still fun to dream!
So, what is on your fantasy Christmas list; if money was no object?