Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Online dating!

OK, so I want to hear your thoughts on online dating. I've had many people say I should try it. So is it a must try?

Have you done it? Do you have a wonderful story about how your sisters roommates cousin met her soul mate on eharmony in just 3 short weeks? Or better yet a personal experience about a HORRIBLE date with a gremlin....those kind make for better stories! I want to hear about them, so please share.

I'm a skeptical person, but trusting too. I know that doesn't make sense. Sometimes I question nice peoples motives and other times I think I trust way to quickly? How do you know if the people online are who they say they are? I mean, those pictures could be stolen from google image or some random flickr account, right? Maybe they are bad people that like to prey on poor single women, or even worse married! No, but seriously I worry less about ax murderers than guys that are just bold face lying about marital status, if they want children, that they are trying to quit smoking & height! Ya know? You start talking to a nice, single, 6 foot tall guy who owns his own business and makes 150,000 a year and then you meet Greg for coffee and he's 5 foot 7 inch truck driver living with at his parents with his wife & 4 kids!

  • should you super picky about who you talk to?
  • which sites are the best?
  • sit back and wait to hear from them or be aggressive and "wink", "poke", "nudge" or whatever it is that site does

So please be honest with your online dating suggestions, stories & advice....I'm dying to know what yall think!

UPDATE: Thanks for all the encouragement. I signed up for & already have had some interesting stuff happen. Got a few winks, winked a couple myself, got a few emails & even talked to someone last night. I only signed up for a month...hopefully my attitude will be better before the month is up. We'll see how it goes and I'll keep ya posted.