Tuesday, January 12, 2010

What your Kids should NOT be watching

I watch The Secret Life of An American Teenager' at first I was embarrassed because I’m 30 and why would I be watching that ABC Family show about 14 years olds…but now I’m embarrassed because of its filthy content! It started out as a wholesome little show, with Christian undertones. The main character is a highschool freshman that got pregnant (at band camp). I think the show handled that part well & didn’t glamorize teen pregnancy and definitely showed the VERY hard things that come along with a 14 year old being pregnant. I think that part is fine & in most cases healthy for teens to see, because they DO happen in real life. But as the show progressed it became less and less wholesome and more and more racy. Last night was the 3rd episode of the newest season and it is downright raunchy! The name should be changed to The Secret SEX LIFE of an American Teenager, because that is ALL they talk about for the whole hour. I’m a full grown adult with all my morals & values intact and I even felt guilty for watching that trash. I’m certainly not trying to taught myself as being “too wholesome” to watch certain shows…but I just wanted to inform others in case their kids are watching this show. So if your kids or teens are watching this please take it off the DVR and tell others as well, because I know there are LOTS of parents whose pre-teens are watching this in their bedrooms with the door closed & the parents think it’s completely harmless because it’s on the ABC Family channel.