Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Hungry for Change

I watched Food Inc. this weekend. Actually I watched it twice, and it’s not going to delete until 8:45 tonight and I may watch it again. It was THAT impressive to me. Impressive, important, informative, scary, eye-opening, sad….and I could go on and on. {side not: I do tend to have somewhat of addictive personality, so when something sparks my attention, I tend to get a tad obsessed}

I LOVE food, all food, and the whole time I was watching this I just wanted to yell at the tv. Yell at the huge business, the lobbyist, the sneaky investigators that put the local farms out of business, the idiotic government that subsidizes the corn & soy bean industries that are literally KILLING US…I wanted to scream at them; HOW DARE YOU. How dare you treat OUR/MY food that way. With such disregard and disrespect. How dare you put pictures of silos and old red barns and rolling green grass on the packaging of beef made from a cow that was fed only corn on an industrial feed lot. How dare you!

I really could go on and on and talk about this all day. But I won’t bore you with all the rants. But I will say that I’m going to take baby steps in doing what I can. My first step is to try and eliminate high fructose corn syrup. NOT easy, it’s in a lot of things you’d never imagine, some of which I happen to LOVE (Worcestershire being the main one, I’ve not been able to find an organic version) . I’m going to buy organic whenever possible…but my local grocery stores are SLIM pickings. Perhaps on weekends I can make a trip to Whole Foods. Gosh, I miss Austin!

This website will link you to local, sustainable, organic food in your area.

Have yall seen the movie? What did you think?