Friday, April 23, 2010

Florida Food

Food is VERY important to you can imagine the splurges & indulging I did on vacation.

Pio Pio, sauteed squid with rich seasoned tomato sauce & fried plantains to soak up the juices

Akina for sushi. The restaurant isn't anything's just in a shopping center, but it's THE BEST sushi I've ever had. Crab, tuna, shrimp, scallops, avocado, hanibi sauce guess I'll stop now.

Jumbo shrimp cocktail & Ryans homemade cocktail sauce, TONS of horseradish YUM.
This appetizer sounds odd, but it was fabulous. I kept using the word decadent! Layered in high ball glasses: sour cream, diced avocado, chopped cherry tomato, crumbled hard boiled egg and a dollop of caviar. Really it was sinful.
Beautiful bib lettuce straight from the garden to the salad bowl!

Two variety of shrimp: ruby red and rock shrimp
These rock shrimp are small, but seriously taste like lobster!
Grilled venison, even better than fillet Mignon

Ryan found this cool, fish pitcher and made cucumber water, very refreshing!
Echo is Palm Beach, Echo fried rice with barbecue pork, shrimp & egg. Our entrees were: I had braised short ribs chili fried rice with onions and nappa cabbage; Ryan of course guessed it seared sea scallops with jasmin plum sake glaze and warm thai salad; Tara enjoyed sesame chicken with sweet honey garlic sauce.spicy salmon roll with asparagus inside out & white fish on top with wasabi was good, but not nearly as good as Akina!

And finally...Chocolate chip meringue with whipped cream.

I'm sure it seems strange and perhaps wasteful to some, that food is such a big deal to me...but I love ever single morsel and can't wait until next time!