Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Happy Birthday Mom & Layton!

Today is a very special day! It's mom's birthday...and then FIVE years ago she started sharing it with Layton.
Mom, thanks for all your help, ideas and advice (even when I think I don't need it), haha! You've taught me so much along the way. I love you very, very much. Happy Birthday
Baby YAY-TON 1 day old. You fit perfect into Sis's arms. And leaned against my chest and slept for hours. Sis cried and cried when she had to leave you in Rockwall & go back to Austin. I loved you SO much the day you were born.
True Layton form....something is always hurt, or cut, or bruised.
You stare fear right in the eyes.

We were all so proud of you on your first day of school!

Your party last year....that four year old year sure did FLY by.
So, raise your glass and toast to another fabulous year to Mom & Layton!