Sunday, May 30, 2010

Girls Night and Movie Review

Thursday, (opening night) the girls and I headed out for some yummy mexican food and to see the Sex And The City 2.
The movie was really fun. It was so good to see my friends....I'd sure missed them! And by my friends I mean, Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte & Samantha!
Sam & Angie
Me and Angie (LYLAS). Angie surprised us at dinner and had printed out SATC trivia. I was being cocky and talking up my trivia skills. But Sam gave me a run for my money. She said, "how does your butt feel? cause I'm KICKIN IT" And she was, SAD!
I had heard bad reviews, so I was going in with an open mind. I'm a HUGE fan of the series and love, love, loved the first I had prepared myself to be a tad bit disappointed. Don't get me wrong I really liked it and laughed a lot, but I'd describe this one as a lot of "fluff". It didn't really have a plot like the first one did. I didn't even shed a tear, wowza!

Would love to hear what yall thought about it.