Tuesday, May 25, 2010

How to Cook Real Food: An Online Cooking Class

Jamie Oliver’s “Food Revolution” is spreading the word about just why we need to eat “real food” for our health. Michael Pollan tells us to cook from scratch — he says, “Eat real food. Not edible food-like substances. Eat things your great-grandmother would have recognized as food.” Sign up today!

It seems simple enough. Eat real food. Cook from scratch. Shop locally. But how do you make it happen in your own kitchen? Especially those of us who never learned how to cook — we were raised on microwave suppers, boxed cereals and toaster pastries. We all face the challenges of a modern life – balancing work and parenthood, all the while trying to feed our families healthier meals.

Our food supply has changed drastically in the past few decades. These days, you have to be a chemist to make sense of it all. Artificial growth hormones. Hydrogenated soybean oil. High-fructose corn syrup. And isn’t organic food more expensive? Sure, eating healthier is great, but not if you go broke in the process. How do you feed your family healthy, nourishing meals without spending all day in the kitchen and blowing your food budget? You value real food, your local economy and your family’s health. But just how do you get started?

Learn to Cook Real Food – Fast!
As a farmers market manager and experienced natural foods cook, I’ll show you how to prepare nourishing family-friendly meals with simple, step-by-step techniques. I’ve taken everything I know about cooking real food and condensed the information into 12 easy lessons – everything you need to get started. You’ll be able to find fresh local foods, maximize nutrition and minimize cost while developing simple, nourishing recipes that your family will love. Real food doesn’t have to be overwhelming or expensive … if you have the right know-how. In this multi-media, online e-course, you’ll learn how to shop in season, maintain a budget and plan healthy meals for your family.

How It Works
You’ll get detailed lessons, hands-on experience, and be able to get all your questions answered. Do it all from the comfort of your own home – even while the kids are napping. In just 12 short weeks, you’ll have mastered everything you need to get your family started on a healthier way to eat.

Since the class is hosted online, you can download the materials and video tutorials anytime that works for you. You can even attend in your pajamas! Each lesson is posted once a week – every Tuesday, beginning June 1st – and you can open them up, start the video tutorials and download the printable materials when it works for you. This class is designed to meet your needs. Plus, if you miss a class or don’t have time to watch the video tutorial on the scheduled week, don’t worry you’ll have 6 weeks of full access to the class even after it ends!

Don’t worry. If you have food allergies or sensitivities, this class is still for you. The recipes are basic, the techniques simple and every lesson can be modified to meet your family’s needs, preferences and the seasonal availability of food in your area. And if you’re not sure that you’ll absolutely love the class, don’t worry – we offer a 14-day, no-questions-asked refund policy. Plus if you’re afraid you won’t be able to finish a lesson before the week’s up, simply download the print-outs and keep them for later: you’ll have full access to the classes and the forum for at least 6 weeks after the class ends!