Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Self Tanner

It's no secret that I am white as a ghost & covered with freckles, which means I don't get along with the sun, EVEN IF sunbathing was good for us! But self tanners have really come along way. Remember when you could spot an orange "bottle job" from a mile a way? I'm a big fan of Jergens natural glow. I even like the walmart store brand (insert shocked face here!). I'm not a fan of the fragrance of any of them (why do they have to stink?) and the fact that you have to stay naked so long to let it dry!

So I'm posing a question, what is your favorite tanning secrets. Do you have a brand you live by? Anyone have an odor free brand? Any good advice for fast drying? Help a sista out & leave a comment!