Friday, October 29, 2010

OCC Party 2010

Another successful party, thank you to everyone that came and participated. I'm so grateful, and I know all those kids that receive the boxes will be over-joyed!


croissants with various meats, cheeses & yummy homemade chicken salad (thank you Mom)

Chunky guacamole & fresh made salsa

These are meat & cheese mini empanadas, and they were good, although the culprits of said fiasco, see below

yummy cookies & cupcakes of course made by the one and only Babycakes by Angie


I have SUPER sensitive smoke detectors, which one would think was a good thing, unless you do a lot of cooking...and unless they go off for an hour, when there isn't an ounce of smoke or a flame, and when they go off during a great party with a houseful of guests. Yeah, then they aren't such a good thing. Long story short, after about 45 mins of eardrum piercing blaring, and one phone call to 911, the VERY nice Fate Firemen showed up, lights flashing & sirens wailing. The kids got a kick out of it, and once they shut up (the smoke detectors, not the kids) (actually Adam saved the day and shut them up) it was all quite funny.

Thank you Mr. Pope fireman of the year!


Ruby Caroline came to help, she was such a good girl

just some of the goodies

Griffin decorating his boxes with cool animal stickers, also sporting his FATE FIREMAN hat, that the nice firemen gave the kids

Sam & Angie working on their boxes

Tara & Elesa getting their box wrapping on

Lindsi, Amanda & baby Nash


The Finished Product, cheers to another successful OCC stuffing party

thanks again for everyone that participated