Monday, October 11, 2010

Pumpkin Man Season 2010!

It's Pumpkin Man time again!

The BEFORE pictures

It started out as a big ole mess!

Wreath, with glittered black cat & spider from Tuesday Morning Clearance & cool handmade "tag" which is actually an invitation to a Halloween party
Dinning table, with various Pumpkin Men & fall decor
This is my only "spooky" section, you can't tell from the picture,

but those skulls are solid black glitter.

All of these tags were hand-made for me by Jennifer, check out her blog & her cool Halloween decor HERE

He was one of my first pumpkin men

I found this cool feather tree this year at Home Goods.

And that darling jailbird pumpkin man was a birthday gift from mom.

My mantle, it's prob my favorite spot, cause it's just so CRAM-PACKED full of Pumpkin Man goodness.

Found these cool glitter haunted houses at Home Goods

Wreath I made last year

Corner cabinet with some darling pumpkin men, Ryan gave me that one on the bottom for my birthday last year and mom got me that pumpkin head with the birthday hat on & not to be out done by the pumpkin WO-man up top, she is just precious. Please don't judge that pitiful leaf garland, I know it needs "sprucing" or to be tossed in the garbage, either one!

Top of my entertainment center. The glitter tree is new (Home Goods again) that Jimmy there in the cat costume, isn't he adorable? Ryan and I have matching Jimmys, they are twins separated at birth. The pumpkin head in the cat glasses is from TJ Maxx & her witch hat and stand are covered in black glitter. It's quite exciting around my house this time of stop by and I'll introduce you to my friends, aka pumpkin people!