Friday, November 12, 2010

The second city.....

OK, so I know Austin isn't officially "the second city" but it's my second city. It's the only other place that feels like home to me. Toni had invited me several times to come visit and October is the PERFECT month for Austin. Friday night we had a fabulous lunch at snotty Maudie's on 360 patio, a quick trip by the office, happy hour with Jan at Ruth's Chris. And delish spicy noodle bowl for dinner.

Who needs Starbucks when you're visiting Toni?
Saturday morning we went to Sarahs to visit and see the babies. After some awesome play time with the boys, we headed out for a girls lunch downtown.

Saundra Bullock's newest place on 6th St. Walton's.

This is what I had. Gulf Coast Oysters, bacon creole remoulade,
lettuce and tomato on hoagie

The girls shared these decadent desserts.

For dinner we headed to my favorite sushi place. Kenechi.
Spicy edamame, it's soy beans with ATTITUDE!
A stroll downtown and a nightcap!
Thank you Toni, for a fun weekend.

And a trip to Austin isn't complete unless you stop at Willie's Place in Carls Corner to fill up with gas. On the road again..........