Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Allie Pooh

Angie & I have hated Winnie the Pooh for years. Seriously since we were kids. No offense if you are one of the MILLIONS that love it. It's just a personal preference, there is a story behind it...but when we've tried to explain to people they usually just sit there with a blank stare while Ang and I have tears streaming down our faces.

Fast forward many years & Adam & the kids have joined in on the fun of "hating" The Pooh. As part of the joke we've "gotten each other" back and forth. Hidden little plastic pooh figurines, mailed pooh cards back and forth, called each others voice mails and left POOH messages. Logans favorite is to say, you love pooh, pooh loves you. Angie owns the Kenny Loggins cd which has that horrid Back to Pooh's Corner song on it. So occasionally I'll check my work voicemail and this will pop up.......Christopher robin and I walked along....

Well a couple of weeks ago, I went out of town. OF COURSE plane was delayed so it was late by the time I finally walked in the door. I walked into the greatest Winnie The Pooh invasion in history. The Gerhart Gang has snuck in while I was gone and put Pooh stuff EVERYWHERE.

Here are just SOME of them...............

The fridge
hanging from pot rack
Layton was in charge of the pantry...stickers are on everything
This growth chart was hanging from the laundry room door
Passie clip hanging from wall
Stuffed animal on guest room bed (this was Logans favortie)
bathmat in guest bathroom, this was my favorite and the only thing I've left out
hooded towel hanging from mirror
puzzle on try on my coffee table
teething ring
bib hanging from floor lamp in office
puzzle in my room
Stuffed pooh nestled in bookshelf in living room
baby rattle around lamp in my room
My first library full of books in my closet
washing machine lid (was in dryer & microwave also)
Socks in the dryer (these were Landry's favorite)
In the glasses.....

And I promise this isn't ALL of them. Did they get me or what? Greatest home invasion EVER. Not sure how I will EVER get them back. Email me your great ideas!!

Layton told Dee later in the week: Dee we did something not very nice to Sis. Haha!