Tuesday, May 24, 2011

25 years have gone...........

Wednesday night I will be sad. There will be tears involved. And yes, it will be because I will have just watched the last Oprah Show. Tears come easily to me, so this won’t surprise many. I’ve cried at the end of all my favorite shows. I BAWLED, heaving when Friends ended. MY significant other at the time looked at me and said, you do know this is a TV SHOW, right? But not to me, to me they were my FRIENDS and had been for the last 10 years. Oprah is no different.

I’m not going to pretend I’m an extreme viewer, going to the show wasn’t on my bucket list. I didn’t plan my vacations around going to see her. I never wrote in to try to get on the show. I’ve also not watched for the whole 25 yrs (no, my mom didn’t let me watch Oprah at 6 yrs old). But, I can honestly say I’ve been a loyal viewer for at least 15 years. And I’ve loved Oprah the whole time.

There has been lots of talk about Oprah and her “spiritual~ness”….religion, who God is, whether or not she is a Christian (which isn’t ours to say) But I don’t go to Oprah for knowledge on religion, she isn’t my spiritual guru, I didn’t learn my core beliefs from her. I go to Oprah for ENTERTAINMENT. And she has done pretty darn good at entertaining me for those 15+/- years. I’m not exactly sure when or where the Oprah haters got started. Perhaps when she openly supported Obama? My moms group of friends even went as far as to call a boycott of her. I think the word “Anti-Christ” was used. I thought that was ridiculous…but hey, we are all welcome to our opinion & I’m just expressing mine!

So looking back on many years of fun celebrity interviews, trips, FAVE-O-RITE THINGS, medical advice, fashion, weight-loss, financial advice, make-overs & even make-unders, gut wrenching shows about finding family members, stories about precious lifelong friendships, amazing stories about kids, relationship advice, eye opening accounts of the dangers of drugs & alcohol, hundreds of millions of dollars given to charities all over the WORLD, a campaign to put an end to texting while driving and I could go on and on. THAT is what I will miss every afternoon. Sitting down on the coach after a long day at work & knowing I can escape into an hour of entertainment, with my good friend Oprah.