Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Left foot BROKEN!

Wednesday after work I ran by the post office, I parked really close to the curb and there wasn't room between the curb and my car to walk in between, so I hopped up on the curb, where I immediately rolled my ankle right off and FELL. It sounded like someone popped all 10 knuckles at the same time. Or almost like a deck of cards was being shuffled. It HURT!

WARNING: gross pictures to follow

I went home and immediately iced it and within an hour, I had this ping pong ball sticking out of the side of my foot. Houston we have a problem! I still wasn't convinced it was broken. I could move my toes and my ankle, I was staying positive. Not that there is any good time to break your foot...but this was especially bad timing. Mom was scheduled for surgery on Friday and would be without the use of her RIGHT arm for 6 weeks. I needed to be healthy and able to help.

I woke up Thursday and tried to walk and nearly hit the ground. I was in terrible pain. Went to my regular doctor and they took an x-ray, confirmed it was fractured and sent me to an orthopedic. The orthopedic doc took more x-rays and confirmed that not only one, but TWO bones were broken. GO BIG OR GO HOME!

I made it almost 32 years without a broken bone, or even an x-ray for that matter.

Not sure how long I have to wear this. I go back in 3 weeks for follow-up. Will keep you posted.