Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Occ 2011 is Complete

Another successful Operation Christmas Child season has come & gone

Me, mom, Angie & Landry made a shoe box packing assembly at my house; I will admit, after all the years, we've gotten pretty dang good at packing them!

These are the boxes that I was able to collect from friends (Jeri, Sharron & Sarah Beth) & the ones that we packed. Special thanks to those who donated shipping as well (Lauren & Holly).

We totalled 63 boxes! Thanks to Logan & Layton for packing them up and delivering to church

Sunday afternoon the GA's had a packing party of their own. And then helped carry all the boxes that they church members donated. Thank you girls!

Here we are packing the OCC u-haul. The official count was 334! It warms my heart to think of those 334 faces that will be touched by the generosity of my family, friends & fellow church members.

Until next year....................................