Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Big Waste

Did you catch Food Network's "The Big Waste”? As with all Food Network specials, it will be rerun. You should try to watch or dvr, if you missed it. It’s playing again Jan. 14 at 4 p.m. ET/PT or Jan. 15 at 5 p.m ET/PT.

The show explained why food can get thrown out before it even hits the store shelves (carrots with bumps on them, blemished fruit or eggs not big enough to fit securely in a carton). It also showed that this food is perfectly edible. I also loved it, because my 4 favorite chefs from Food Network were in it.

Here's the information about the show from Food Network's website: First-class chefs Bobby Flay, Michael Symon, Anne Burrell and Alex Guarnaschelli tackle one of the most massive problems in food today — waste! Divided into two teams, with only 48 hours on the clock, they are challenged to create a multi-course gourmet banquet worthy of their great reputations, but with a big twist; they can only use food that is on its way to the trash. The chefs' hunt takes them from grocery aisles to produce farms, and orchard lines to garbage piles, as they attempt to source enough ingredients to feed a gathering crowd. Bobby and Michael square off against Anne and Alex, as they challenge their views of food waste and how and why it is created. Oh, and they did have a food safety expect that came in and tested all the food, before they served to the 100 guests.

It was a great program, that really will make you think! Educational programming AND cutie-pie chefs? YES PLEASE!

Their meal came from nothing, into dinner. I have a different definition of waste now, when it comes to food. Don't mind natures imperfection. Buy the lonely apple with the spot.