Monday, January 16, 2012

Venture '12

This past weekend was Venture at church. This was my 5th year in a row of being a leader and/or host home. I LOVE this weekend, it's always super encouraging way to start the new year, lots of great worship time, good messages, free food (OK, I admit it), fun & lots and lots of laughter.
Cole and his band provided the music all weekend. They did an excellent job.
Check out these snacks. I mean, these 8th graders were SERIOUS!
They only stayed 2 nights, but I took one look at the luggage and began to wonder if they were moving in?
All snuggled up for their "talk-back" time
Sleeping.....FINALLY! This was Friday night, about 3am.
They were very respectful of my house. Such sweet girls.

Saturday morning we made 330 cards for elderly people in Rockwall. This ended up taking a lot longer than it sounds like it would. But the girls took their time, were creative and did a great job.
They made 165 Valentine cards and 165 Easter cards

The whole group!
The 8th graders that stayed at my house.

The end of the weekend is always bitter sweet. If I'm being honest, one of the reasons I love this weekend so much, is that it reminds me of being back in high-school. I know most people hated school, but I happened to LOVE it. A lot of my wonderful memories involved church functions with my friends; and so this weekend just floods my heart and mind of sweet memories. And just when I feel like I'm back in high-school again, my body reminds me that high-school was 15 years ago, and I was asleep by 9pm last night. HA! Until next year.............