Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Good Book

I've never been a huge fan of Sandra Lee...although I think her cooking is a brillant concept. Angie gave me this book for my birthday and I was pleasantly surprised by it. Made me change my whole thinking about her. She's one tough cookie!

I loved this part:

Everyone has the capacity to change. Your success or failure is predicated on your commitment to that change. The only mistake in making a mistake is not learning from it. Life has a funny way of reminding us of this every day. One day you’re the toast of the town, the employee of the month, the leader in sales at your company, and by the next day someone else has taken your place in the spotlight. The ride up is never easier the second or third time around. We live in a world where I believe what goes around comes around. It is why you need to have grace. Life will always come full circle, sometimes when you least expect it. You never know who will reappear in your life, or what situation will dictate the outcome of another. Resilience is key.