Friday, May 18, 2012

Day 56; an update

My latest obsession is turning into frustration!

Here is a list of the guys that I’ve had contact with since joining. And by contact I mean call, text and/or emailed with multiple times. Does not include just a wink or “liking” a picture. To use a corporate term, these are, warm leads. I’ve come up with nicknames for them, cause it’s easier to remember as well as protects their identity. (I hope you are laughing). I’d hate for 1 of my 6 “readers” to recognize someone on the list and tell them, I’m talking about them on www!

Mud man
Nutty Professor
Boat Boy
Tiger Woods
San Antonio

It just doesn’t seem logical to me, why someone would pay all that money and put the time and energy into writing a profile, uploading pictures, weeding through people, winking, emailing, and texting if they didn’t really want to date?

And please don’t read this as, I think that I’m SUCH a catch, why would anyone NOT want to date me? post. I’m perfectly aware that there are lots and lots of reasons why I’m an undesirable match. And that thousands of men, have said NO THANK YOU at first glance of my profile. I’m completely realistic about it. But one would think that after you’ve looked at my pictures (the site tells you every time someone views your profile by the way) read my answers, emailed, texted & called me over a span of a few weeks that they would be a little bit interested in me. Is that a logical assumption? I would think that the next step would be to go out, right? Well, NOT SO MUCH! And this is the case with ALL of them, except one.

I’ve been out with one guy. We went out 3 times. He was nice, very cute, attentive and very complimentary. Made me feel very comfortable from the first time we met. A great guy to share my first date with. He was also very upfront about his past & his future. He’s divorced with 2 kids. I’m OK with that. Of course I’d prefer someone that has never been married & doesn’t have children; but I realize that when talking about a man of a certain age, there aren’t that many of US out there. But here is where HIS story continued. Divorced with 2 kids and doesn’t want to ever re-marry or have more children. Why am I drawn to emotionally unavailable men? De-ja-vue right?

Thanks for taking the time to read my update. Today is day 26, of my 2nd month. (match, tracks that for you) Will continue to keep you updated as month 3 begins.

I keep thinking….this is preparing me to be SO appreciative of my future mate.