Monday, August 06, 2012

Match update

Because nothing says romance like the internet! It’s day 135 out of 180 & I thought it was time for a little update. I’ve learned a lot. Number one thing is…don’t pray for patience, cause God might just try to teach it to you!

I guess I've seen too many episodes of SATC, matchmaking shows and read too many Nicholas sparks books for my own danged good. They pound into your head, there’s no such thing as THE ONE, there is no happily ever after, she never ends up with Mr. right. And then, at the end the rug always gets yanked and guess what? She DOES get the guy. Every time. Every CINGULAR time. (ask me about the cingular joke later)

In regards to “playing games”. ALL the profiles say, “im not into playing games” Haha. I go back and forth with them. #1 it's my natural instinct and how I show love to be "doting" and overly affectionate when it comes to attention to detail and affirmations. That goes for all my relationships, even family & friends. If you’re on my mind…I’m gonna tell you. And if I send you a good morning text, it’s because I’m genuinely wishing you a GOOD morning. I think men desire that whether they say it or not. But I also don't want to give it all away up front and be too ooey gooey. Cause I know that scares guys off. So, there I sit….NOT texting, waiting to be one that RECEIVES them…not sends them. Not being myself. Starring at my phone WILLING it to buzz. Uuummm, can someone send me a “test”? I think my text may be broken!
Every last one of guys profiles say they want a girl to just be who she is, "comfortable in her own skin" not be something she isn’t! Except if what she is, isnt what he wants, right?!?!?! It's just so confusing!

Dating in your 30’s is NOT for the faint of heart.

Date update: I’ve been on actual dates with 5 guys so far. Oh, and a date with someone NOT from Match, but we won’t count him. I still talk to 2. And 1 of the 2, is only in the “friend” category. He’s the emotionally un-available one. So, that leaves 1! Great odds, huh? What’s the opposite of batting 1,000? I really like the 1 that is left. Like, REALLY. But, I’m not putting all my eggs in one basket. I’ve got 45 more days on Match that I’ve already paid for…and I’m gonna see where it takes me!!!