Wednesday, February 09, 2005

I AM OVER YOU. . . And that my friend is what they call clo-sure!

This is FOR SURE NOT where I am right now, but I watched this episode last night and it is one of my favorites. Ironically it is exactly the opposite of where I am right now, hahaha!

Marriage is not about flowers, candy, rose petals in the bathtub. And it is not about the strapless white princess gown, the 1.5 karat solitaire Tiffany setting on a platinum band, the perfect cake, the handsome groom and happily ever after. Marriage is about the completion of life; continuing the circle. So how can we be sure we can make it work?

What I know for sure is. . . if you're looking for your happily ever after in the arms and eyes of another person, you will always be disappointed.

For everyone of those moments when you find yourself desperate to join up with someone who doesn't see eye to eye with you, remind yourself that man's rejection is often God's protection -- and then say "thank you" and keep steppin.