Wednesday, February 16, 2005

"Take Luck" Take it and care for it. . .

I just bought tickets to go see my favorite comedian in all the world. He is coming to the Paramount Theatre in Austin next Friday night. I really get a little giddy feelings in my tummy when I think about him. He is just that funny.

Don't you hate trying to convince people how funny your favorite comedians are? You'll try to do their jokes, but it looses all the humor in the delivery. And equally as bad to be on the receiving end of that too, when someone is trying to convince you how funny their comedian is! So for yours and my sake I will refrain from telling you all his good jokes.

But just know that if you are in the mood to laugh yourself plum silly you can go see Brian Regan next Friday.

"That's not a wagon wheel, that's a kitty cat eye"