Tuesday, June 07, 2005

My life in a so called nutshell

Since I’ve not posted in so long, I’m going to do a real short and sweet re-cap and then start fresh.

So let’s start with Vegas: I had a great time. I stayed in one of the seediest hotels, or wait Motels, ever. The only other worse place I’ve ever stayed was in Port Mansfield and I was on a fishing trip, so use your imagination. We stayed at the WestWard Ho. The name should have given it away, right? Well it was on the strip and it was a package deal on Southwest Airlines, how could it be bad? Southwest Airlines “Luv’s” us right? Wrong. It was awful. It was the point of many, many laughs during the trip. Other than the horrible hotel and the 107 degree heat, Vegas was great! We ate like kings and had mucho grande fun club hopping. Let’s just say at one point we were getting out of a limo with drinks in hand at club number 3 and were handed VIP passes….none of which we paid for. I have to stop there cause you know
the saying. . .

The next weekend I hosted a great party, if I do say so myself. Roy Heinrich and The Pick-up’s played and they did a great job. The tag line of his website is: alternative country my ass, this here’s honky-tonk music. Almost all of my favorite people were there, which made the party extra special. Thanks everyone, you know who you are.

Things at work have been SUPER busy, since I was gone for 6 whole days. But I’m about to be back caught up, so hopefully my BLOG won’t have to suffer any longer!