Monday, July 18, 2005

Would you eat the cookies?

I got the strangest note and Ziploc bag of chocolate chips cookies left on my front door the other day. It was from my new neighbor. Not next door or a few doors down, no it was from my neighbor 2 floors down and over 6 units. Actually LOTS of people in the complex got them…maybe all. Here is what the note says:

Good Morning!

Just a hello from the new family in unit #---. We would have done this sooner by for the settling into our home and finishing with the last bits of rent at the old place. We are ‘homeowners’ for the first time and I was moved to bake some cookies to celebrate the achievement. My name is Zack, I feel fortunate to call Elsa my wife, and our two children are Kiara pronounced ‘key-ah-rah’ who wile b 8 in August and six year old Nicole. Just a little about us, I was in the Navy stationed in Italy where I met Elsa, at which point I promptly learned the language. She eventually agreed to go out with me and now two children, one American citizenship ceremony, and 8 years of marriage later, I still wonder if I have captured her heart as thoroughly as she has captured mine! I have a fair set of tools and (I say tentatively) can be called upon to do light handyman stuff and mechanics, though I see a lot of well maintained high-end cars here. Elasa has her won business which deals in all things Italian- language classes informal or at UT, Italian cuisine and well as tours to the old country (currently 7 different scheduled tours for 2006!).

Buongiorno e siamo felice di essere I vostri vicini!
Good day to you and we are happy to be your neighbors!

I had mixed emotions about the note and cookies. My 1st reaction was, ick, weird-o’s with arsenic laced cookies! Then I got mad at myself for being so cynical. Part of me wants to knock on their door and tell them that they live in the USA now and beautiful Italian children are kidnapped here and to not be so naive as to tell us the ages and exact pronunciations of your kids names. Especially since we know that they are out of school for the summer and live in unit # - - -. See even I’m not divulging their address. Then the cynical part of me came back and said that was all probably a lie and he was just trying to get handyman business or people to give him their keys so he could steal their cars. Maybe they don’t really live in # - - -, maybe they are crooks???? What do you think about the note and cookies?

FYI, I threw the cookies in the trash.