Monday, August 08, 2005

Why Friday Sucked:

It’s rained. All day just that spitting, annoying have to use your windshield wipers, have to drive slower cause its slick yucky rain.


I went to cash a check that someone had written me, and I went to THEIR bank, (it just happens to be in the lobby of the building I work in) and they wanted to charge me a $3 check cashing fee. WHAT? I’m cashing a check from the writers bank. It pissed me off, real bad. I jerked that check out of her hand and stormed off.


I was told I had the tendency to get chunky, cause I was already a BIG girl, and she made hand motions while she said it. Now this came from a very cottage cheesy, obese, rude lady that I work with. Sometimes honestly I think she is half retarded. She says the rudest things ever, but for some reason everyone always excuses them. Here is the funny part, she said this to me while eating ice cream and I was making myself a cup of green tea, yeah healthy green tea. It still hurt my feelings!


Someone I used to work with emailed me and offered me a receptionist position. WHAT? I haven’t been a receptionist since 1998! I mean honestly she thought I was going to leave my current job, to come be the receptionist???? I politely told her what I currently do and that I have just accepted a sales position at my current employer, so thanks but no thanks.

Oh well, the rest of my weekend made up for all that crappy stuff, cause it was great :)