Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Just Throw it away!

Ok, so I got the strangest email ever this morning. Here is the background: I’m hosting one of those at home demonstration parties for a girl I work with. The more your guests buy the more $$ I get toward free merchandise, so I invited everyone I know. One of the girls I invited I’ve known through LM for several years. I went to their wedding, have been to several parties at their house, went to their baby shower, see them at weddings of other mutual friends etc. She is one of those people that you met through someone else, but definitely have formed a “friendship” (see prior post) over the years. Well I got the following email form her this morning:

hi allison...i got your invite to the southern living party. forgive me, what i am about to ask may seem really rude....i do not know who you are. again, forgive my rudeness. i am a sleep deprived new mother! can you tell me how i know you.

My jaw dropped when I read it. Actually I think it is very funny! I replied back to her with one sentence, reminding her of how we know each other. I know she just doesn’t recognize my last name and is going to be so embarrassed when she reads my reply. Here is some advice, next time you get an invitation from someone you don’t know, just throw it away!